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Meeting of the Association of Major Developments with Nikola Papadopoulos

Meeting of the Association of Major Developments with Nikola Papadopoulos


Members of the Board of Directors of the Association of Major Developments held a meeting with the President of the Democratic Party, Nicholas Papadopoulos, on Monday, May 23, at the KBE office in Nicosia

The President of the Association, Mr. Andreas Dimitriadis, welcoming Mr. Papadopoulos, expressed his serious concern about the lack of proper strategic planning in order to implement a modern model of sustainable development in Cyprus, the age-old problems of the state apparatus, which further burden the already difficult period that we are going through, and also time-consuming and complex procedures followed by banking institutions.

In particular, Mr. Dimitriadis mentioned the hostile climate that exists in Cyprus in terms of business and especially towards foreign investors who are interested in investing in the island. According to Mr. Dimitriadis, the Association’s request is: “the removal of bureaucracy, distortions and obstacles, so that Cyprus becomes more friendly in attracting and implementing large investments, projects that will bring millions in profits to the state treasury and create thousands of jobs.”

Mr. Nicholas Papadopoulos emphasized that the Cypriot economy is based on a business environment, and the state should support Cypriot business in every possible way, as it will be in the interests of the country. The President of the Democratic Party recognized that the age-old problems of the state apparatus are an obstacle to the implementation of major development projects in the country, and fundamental changes are necessary and imperative if we want Cyprus to face the challenges it faces.

The main goal of the Major Development Association through meetings with government and political bodies and officials is to strengthen the development of the domestic economy and attract significant and long-term investments to the island through large infrastructure projects with multiple economic and social benefits for Cyprus.

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