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Mackenzie Tower: A new tower is coming to Larnaca

Mackenzie Tower: A new tower is coming to Larnaca


The development was approved by the Department of the Environment for the construction and operation of a nine-story high-rise residential building with a height of about 32 meters. This is a project of Elite Island Properties called Mackenzie Tower.

The proposed complex will have 48 apartments and two-level parking. Nine parking spaces will be available in the ground floor parking, four of which are for the disabled, while underground parking will have 48 spaces. The aim of the proposed development is to meet the housing needs of the larger Larnaca area.

No pool

The total area of ​​building plots is 2,510 sq.m. The building will occupy a total area of ​​576.1 sq.m. and the area of ​​the private green zone will be 637.2 sq.m.

It is noted that based on the opinion of the environmental department, initially there was an idea to create a pool with an area of ​​90 sq.m. However, due to changes in the architectural design, the pool was decided not to be built.

Construction in 18 months

For the construction of the proposed development, the building will be raised approximately 35 cm from the natural ground line so that no drainage work is required during construction.

The depth of the excavation will be about 2.65 meters below the natural line of the earth. According to geological surveys, the groundwater level ranges from 2.8 to 4.1 meters below ground level. It is noted that about 40 cm of gravel will be laid below the foundation level.

The project completion time is estimated at 18 months, which means there will be no delays due to various internal or external factors.

The proposed project is located within the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Larnaca, in Skala district.

The development sites are located approximately 2.5 km south of Larnaca municipality centre, 3 km southwest of Larnaca Port and 1.2 km northeast of Larnaca Airport. The eastern part of the plots adjoins via Federico Garcia Lorca and access to the proposed development will be from Goethe and Franz Schubert streets.

The proposed project is located approximately 160 m west of the nearest beach and 100 m from the nearest hotel complexes.

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