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Long term rentals in Paphos

Long term rentals in Paphos

Paphos is a quiet town in Cyprus, where you will not see such a flow of tourists and excitement during the holiday season, as in other cities. The most popular Paphos among the British. A large flow of British tourists chooses this destination for recreation and investment in real estate. That is why in 2006 a second airport was even built here.

There are not many Russian residents here. Therefore, it is best to rent a property in Paphos for a long time being confident in your knowledge of English. Otherwise, you may run into a language barrier. But renting in Paphos has a huge plus – this city is considered one of the most budget options for renting in all of Cyprus.

Rent an apartment in Paphos for a long time cost

Rental prices in Paphos are comparable to those in Larnaca. Even a little cheaper. The city is divided into 2 districts – Kato Paphos and Pano Paphos or lower and upper Paphos. Pano Paphos is the area where you can rent a house in Paphos close to hypermarkets, cafes and in the center of all the events of the city. Kato Paphos has more history and a more relaxed pace of life.

The prices of apartments for rent in Paphos in these 2 areas are about the same. Pricing does not depend on the area, but rather on the amenities of housing, its size and modernity. Even within 600 € you can find a nice studio by the sea. You can easily rent an apartment in Paphos for a long period of time inexpensively – the choice of options is really great.

Rent a house in Paphos for a long time

Prices for houses in Paphos will not be much higher than for apartments. It is easy to meet even a small budget here. If you want to rent a villa in Paphos for a long period of time, consider the suburbs as well. It has a pleasant climate, silence and banana groves!

Paphos has a completely different atmosphere. There are not many tourists here, measured and comfortable life. To rent a villa in Cyprus in Paphos, you can read reviews, search for options on the sites. Or speed up the process and entrust the search for real estate to an experienced real estate agency!


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