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Long term rental in Limassol

Long term rental in Limassol

A busy life, business and many events – this is about Limassol. The city is rightfully considered a business center, but you cannot eradicate the spirit of tourism from it. This unusual combination attracts here both those who want to relax in the city on the Mediterranean coast, and careerists.

Luxurious panoramic skyscrapers and small villas from which the resort mood is succinctly combined here. And you can choose and rent in Limassol for a long time the property that suits you. Limassol is great for moving here with children. The city has a lot of entertainment, life is in full swing here and many events of a large scale take place. Long-term rental property in Limassol is the best option for family life.

Another big advantage in favor of choosing Limassol for a long term rental is the many Russian speaking residents. Fact: more than 20% of the population speaks Russian. This will help you avoid the language barrier and any misunderstandings during long term rentals in Limassol. Even if your knowledge of English or Greek is not very great, you can not be afraid of the language barrier.

If the language barrier scares you, you can look for and rent long-term property in Limassol in the vicinity, where there are hospitals, schools and other institutions in Russian. And there are really many such options in the city. To simplify the task, you can contact a real estate agency. We will take care of you and select all options for renting in Limassol according to the required criteria.

Property rental in Limassol: cost

Due to the many advantages and great demand for Limassol, the prices here are quite high. The pricing policy of the city is comparable to prices in Nicosia – the capital of Cyprus. In these cities, the options will be 30% more expensive than in Cyprus as a whole, especially if you want to rent a house in Limassol by the sea.

Of course, the cost will be influenced by many factors when choosing. But one of the advantages is that you will live in an already equipped housing with all amenities, appliances and furniture in the most diverse and emotionally rich city of Cyprus. Moreover, if you want to rent a property in Limassol for a long time, it will be more profitable than daily rent. Homeowners often overestimate the rate for the daily accommodation of tenants, compared to the monthly rental amount.

To choose an object, you can pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the type of housing. Also, the location is important: in some areas there are mainly apartments, in others – the rental of villas, houses and townhouses in Limassol is developed.

Rent an apartment in Limassol for a long time

If you are ready to immerse yourself in the active life of Limassol and live in an eventful place, then why not rent an apartment in Limassol long-term? This is a place where life is in full swing and where you can spend an unforgettable year.

Choosing an apartment for rent in Limassol is an opportunity to be in the center of everything, to live a rich and noisy life. Moreover, the city stretches along the southern coast of Cyprus and you will find a lot of options for apartments with sea views!

If you want to experience a slightly different atmosphere – less active and more historical, then you can consider the Old Town. This area in Limassol is well suited for long term rentals. It is especially attractive for its old architecture, proximity to the sea and a more measured pace of life.

Under these criteria, another area will fit where you can rent an apartment in Limassol for a long time – Potamos Germasogeia. This is a prestigious area with interesting options for renting apartments. New skyscrapers, modern renovation and comfort within walking distance from the sea.

Rent an apartment in Limassol price

The cost of renting housing in Limassol can be different, but it is difficult to find inexpensive rental options in Limassol, especially near the sea. The price here starts from 700 € for a one-bedroom apartment.

In the Old Town, near the sea, you can find a studio for 600 € in an old house and other options with a similar price.

In Potamos Germasogeia, long-term apartment rentals in Potamos Germasogeia start from 800 € in old houses. In a new house you can rent an apartment for 1500 € per month. But there are options for 2000-5000 €, these are new objects with all amenities. Your choice depends on your budget and the amenities you want to enjoy during your long term stay in Limassol.

Rent apartments in Limassol for a long time

You can rent apartments in Limassol completely different. It all depends on whether you want to rent an apartment in a high-rise building in Limassol or in a small apartment building, near the sea or in the center.

You can rent apartments in Limassol in the Neapolis area. Here it is easy to find one-bedroom apartments from 800 € and two-, three-bedroom options from 1000 € in old houses. But there are objects that are more expensive and more comfortable. This area is also located close to the sea.

New apartments with great amenities for rent for the same price can be found in Mesa Getonia. Regarding the prices in Limassol, these options can be called budget and they are great for your long-term stay. The low cost is explained by the fact that the area is located farther from the sea.

But if you want to rent apartments in Limassol, somewhere in a high-rise building, not just with everything you need, but in business class housing, then you can consider some of the offers of this kind. Expensive luxury apartments can be found in the Limassol Marina area. In addition, ICON and Del Mar skyscrapers on the first coastline have recently been put into operation in the city – here you can definitely feel all the comfort of life in Limassol.

The advantages of renting apartments in sunny warm Limassol is that many properties have their own open balcony overlooking the sea. Here you can have breakfast with a beautiful view, breathing in the sea air. Moreover, some apartments on the top floor (penthouses) even have their own roof garden! These and other features are waiting for you if you want to rent an apartment in Limassol for a long time.

Rent a villa in Limassol for a long time

Within Limassol and within walking distance to all amenities, including the sea, you can rent a villa. It is more comfortable for life, because here you will have your own closed area. Perhaps even with a veranda and a pool. In such conditions, it will be even easier for you to enjoy the warm weather of Limassol and your privacy almost on the very seashore.

Every day there are new options for renting a villa in Limassol long term and you will easily find something for yourself. If you like life away from the noisy center, then Paraklisha and Pyrgos are at your disposal. These are luxurious areas outside the city with a wide variety of houses. The areas are considered expensive, but you can find both luxury houses and budget options here.

For renting a villa in Limassol in the busier neighborhoods, consider Agios Tychonas. This area is also considered expensive and comfortable, but it is located close to the sea within the tourist area.

Rent a house in Limassol for a long time

Do you want to rent a large spacious house, but are considering cheaper options than villas in Limassol for rent? Pay attention to other types of houses. Townhouses and older houses with a small adjacent territory are also suitable for a comfortable life. It has all the amenities for a long term rental in Cyprus. The most important thing is that you can rent a house in Limassol for a long time for the whole family even within 1-2 thousand euros.

Rent a house in Limassol for a long time cheap

If you are interested in more budget options, then focus on the location. Real estate behind the highway will always be cheaper in value. For example, you can cheaply rent a house in Limassol for a long time in the village of Germasogeia and some other cozy and quiet places near Limassol.

Like Agios Athanasios. Here you can rent a house in Limassol for a long time in complete peace. The area of ​​Agios Athanasios is located on the hills, so here you can enjoy nature and forget about the bustle of the city.

In this article, you have learned the many areas and types of housing for long-term rentals in Limassol. This knowledge and modern opportunities can help you rent property in Cyprus for a long time without intermediaries. But as practice shows, without experience and knowledge of the language, it can be difficult to find a suitable option and conclude a lease agreement on favorable terms on your own. That is why, if you want to save your time and find a quality option, contact a real estate agency!


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