It is the second largest city in Cyprus. It attracts people with different preferences, offering both a beach holiday and an acquaintance with architecture and history. Limassol is a modern city with a large tourist center. It has a well-developed infrastructure and quite a few job vacancies. The inhabitants of Limassol are kind and loving new acquaintances, will quickly become good friends. This will simplify the lives of residents who do not know English or Greek. Limassol is considered to be one of the most successful cities for moving.

How to get to Limassol

Limassol is located 50 km from Larnaca Airport and about the same distance from Paphos Airport.

Business in Limassol

Limassol is attractive not only for tourists but also intensively, especially in the last two years, is developing in the business direction. In Limassol, there are offices of large international companies. There is a large port on the island that accepts cargo and passenger ships. From here you can go on a cruise to the Greek Islands or Egypt.

Rest in Limassol

Limassol is a major city in Cyprus. In Limassol, you can have a great time with children. In the city center there is an updated small, cozy zoo with a good playground and cafe. On the first day of the carnival, the king and queen are chosen. After their solemn exit, the holiday begins, lasting 10 days. During these days, tourists and residents can take part in bright, colorful processions and concerts. Everyone can participate if he comes in a carnival costume and mask. At the end of August, we recommend visiting the wine festival. It takes place in the main park of Limassol and lasts a week. Wine there literally pours river. During the festival, it will definitely be fun!

Property in Limassol

Real estate in Limassol is a very profitable financial investment due to the high popularity of this area among tourists. The apartments or villas purchased here will always be in demand. And due to the fact that housing in Limassol is represented by a wide variety of options, from luxury apartments to economy class, everyone can find a suitable type of property for themselves.

Property in Limassol

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