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Leandra Papantoniou, Sales Director of Karma Developers: ‘KARMA is my home’

Leandra Papantoniou, Sales Director of Karma Developers: ‘KARMA is my home’


An organization, at its core, primarily consists of the collective ability of its people to create value. KARMA is proud to have one of the best teams of real estate professionals, projecting added value at all levels of interaction with the company. Each member of the team is an asset not only to the company, but also to those who have chosen KARMA for their real estate needs.

Leandra Papantoniou, Director of Sales, has been with KARMA Developers for over ten years, managing, coordinating and organizing the sales team, as well as managing many of the company’s most important projects. For Leandra, KARMA is her home.

How did you start working at KARMA? Tell me about your path.

I started working for Karma in 2004, at the very beginning of my real estate career. However, I left after a year but ended up returning to what I call home in 2011 where I started working as a sales consultant alongside our CEO Mr. Nicholas Karullas and the team. I have always offered as much as possible, trying to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. In 2017, I took on a new role as Director of Sales and have enjoyed leading a hardworking, dedicated and loving team that shares the same values ​​as the company.

Over the past decade, you have grown as a real estate professional along with the growth of KARMA.How would you describe your career growth?

My God, where do I start? Well, personally, I believe that my path in Karma has never been separated in terms of the personal and corporate spectrum; Because of my passion for this industry, and for the company in particular, work is automatically intertwined with my personal life. I learned so many aspects of the corporate side because I had the opportunity to work with different partners and colleagues who taught me a lot, contributing to my professional growth. My journey has been amazing, with challenges that have not always been easy at times. However, I am lucky to say that I have experienced great opportunities and moments by being able to travel and meet many different nationalities and cultures. It definitely gave me a broad perspective on life and business as I was able to understand different people and their needs when they come to Cyprus to view property. Basically, KARMA and I grew up together.

Cyprus has established itself as an international real estate market and in recent years we have seen a boom in this industry.

Although we have lost a certain market of buyers, those who considered Cyprus as a place to invest in order to obtain a passport in Cyprus, this did not affect the rest of the foreign buyers. They are still looking to diversify their wealth by owning property in a safe European country, so we believe the market will continue to be strong. With so much new infrastructure and low tax laws, the Cyprus property market looks promising. KARMA does not ride the wave of time, but rather paves the way in this direction. In fact, our projects, such as the Eden Residences and Mythical Spa complexes, are steps along this path.

Are you referring to the end of the investment-for-citizenship scheme? But it was not the strongest blow to the market. Less than a decade ago, Cyprus experienced an unprecedented bailout that still stigmatizes today.

These were very difficult times – uncertainty, frustration and fear were the main characteristics. However, it has been proven that even though Cyprus is a small country, it has many advantages to offer to anyone who invests in or visits the island. Recognizing the reality and having a clear understanding of the bigger picture of KARMA and the market as a whole, overcome these obstacles to the best of your ability, moving forward with a positive mindset. As a company that has a solid foundation and stands firmly on its feet, KARMA was not too affected by the termination of the investment scheme, as our main clientele and attention was focused on another pool. This situation came as a shock to many, yet it influenced the way Cypriots think about saving money in banks. As confidence in the banking sector was lost, buyers were forced to put their hard-earned money back into bricks and mortar.

Regarding the clientele; The market is changing significantly because the clientele is changing. How has it evolved throughout your career?

As for nationality, when I first started in real estate, most buyers were British and Cypriots with a small number of Russians, Ukrainians and Europeans. As the years have passed, more and more citizens are exploring Cyprus due to the passport investment scheme, the permanent residence scheme and the fact that Cyprus offers low taxation for businesses. This has led to further growth and development with new customers from many new countries such as China, India, Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Vietnam to name a few. However, the Cypriots have always been stable buyers and actually cover a large percentage of KARMA’s sales.

What does the client choose?

Buyers these days are very demanding, and rightly so. They look at the details and style of the property and want to own a good quality property built in a great location. Every customer’s needs and requirements are different.

Many people like the idea of ​​private, gated, small developments, some like beachfront villas with unobstructed sea views and spacious plots, such as the Pliades Seafront Villas project in Ayia Napa or Malama Grand Seafront in Protaras, while others prefer larger developments resort type, such as the Mythical Resort in Protaras. Technology and the environment also play a big role, which is why buyers are asking for more and more smart homes, energy efficiency and natural green spaces.

Has the pandemic affected consumer preferences?

I wouldn’t say so. Buyers have always purchased properties with the intent of using them as vacation homes, retirement homes and rental opportunities, and we have always paid special attention to this. The preferences have never really changed, but this has further boosted the sales of Cypriot buyers looking for a holiday home and investment property to rent out.

There is no denying that the COVID pandemic has brought major changes at all levels. How has this affected your daily life?

While these are indeed difficult times, it has been proven that people refuse to stop their lives by continuing throughout this ordeal to try to live a normal life while continuing to invest in the future. That is why KARMA has continued its growth path. Due to the pandemic, we have had more time to focus on many things and aspects of our work in order to further improve our operations and the ability to implement clearer procedures and services. This gave a very positive result for sales and the future vision of the company. In fact, one of our most ambitious projects was completed in the midst of a pandemic. I mean “Eden Residences” which is nothing short of a visionary landmark in the heart of the vibrant and ever-evolving Protaras area. In a prime location overlooking the bustling seaside city, Eden is an ultra-modern high-rise that represents the evolution of luxury living.

As for me personally, I would say that the biggest difference in my daily life is that we no longer take anything for granted. I believe that we all value more the people we care about and our surroundings.

Why should one explore the possibilities offered by KARMA and not other options?

KARMA is your one stop shop for real estate in Cyprus. He embodies everything that the Cypriots are fighting for: hospitality, decency, humanity, beauty. The quality of construction, favorable location, reliability and customer care are our corporate compass. Our knowledgeable sales team is always ready to listen and assist each client with nobility and professionalism. We believe in our portfolio which includes sea front villas like Semera Beachfront in Ayia Napa, luxury villas like Halki Residences in Protaras and Nissi Residences in Ayia Napa, apartment projects like Mythical Resort in Protaras , and even residential villas such as Almaria Residences and Malama Seaview in Protaras, along with our after sales services including customer support, property rentals and property management, can meet the most demanding needs of any client. And with over 36 years of experience and over 4,000 properties sold, we still believe in quality over quantity. So come meet our team and you will understand why in the near future…

Source and photo:, Editor

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