A sunny city on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, is considered the third largest. It is famous for its magnificent beaches, an abundance of attractions and first-class diving. The quiet and measured life of the city will make your stay on the beach comfortable. In summer, life in Larnaca is in full swing, but in winter, on the contrary, it “freezes”, creating comfortable conditions for people living in it. Calmness and peace, well characterize the city, where the local infrastructure is adapted to the highest demands.

Larnaca beaches

The beaches are stretched along the coast for 25 kilometers. The sand, unfortunately, is not snow-white. It is grayish mixed with shells. This thoroughly upsets until you see a well-developed infrastructure of beaches. They are kept in perfect condition, the beaches of Cyprus have received the Blue Flag award of the European Union. Near the beaches of Larnaca there are restaurants where you can taste the delicious Cypriot cuisine, seeing off the sunsets or meeting the sunrises.

Prices in Larnaca

The island is rich in fruits and vegetables, despite this, the prices are not cheap, but the quality is excellent. The smell of fruit is impressive, it seems that they have just been brought from the garden. Comparing with Russia, it can be assumed that the cost is equal to the prices of large cities. Walking around the island, you will notice at every step a tree with growing goodies, oranges, tangerines, lemons, quinces, etc. Local potatoes are harvested 4 times a year. His taste is excellent. Cost per 1 kg from 27 cents to 1 euro. It all depends on the season. We recommend buying fruits and vegetables in special fruit markets. Quality will be better and prices lower. Expensive meat in Cyprus is beef and chicken. Taking a kilogram of beef you will spend about 9 euros, and for chicken from 5 euros. Cheap meat – pork, cost of 1 kg from 2 to 5 euros. The lamb will be popular and the road, the cost of 1 kg is an average of 7 euros.

Property in Larnaca

Accommodation in Larnaca is presented in various variations: comfortable apartments, townhouses, villas. Here everyone can find something to their liking and financial opportunities. You can rent or purchase real estate in Larnaca, which will become a profitable investment for your family due to the popularity of this tourist city.

Property in Larnaca

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