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Investments in real estate in Cyprus

Investments in real estate in Cyprus


One of the important sectors of the Cypriot economy with excellent growth prospects is the real estate investment sector. Our country, highly regarded by leaders of multinational and foreign companies, is an ideal place to open international and regional headquarters. Thanks to its strategic geographic location and membership as a full member of the European Union, it provides market access to 450 million citizens and is a secure base for businesses wishing to enter the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa.

The location of Cyprus, the developed infrastructure and the high quality of life are not only the main reasons why foreigners move and live on the island, but also the criteria for choosing Cyprus for investment. The competitive advantages of Cyprus are further enhanced by a strong and transparent regulatory framework, as well as an attractive, transparent tax regime that is fully compliant with international laws and EU and OECD rules, providing a wide range of incentives and benefits for businesses and individuals.

Investment in property in Cyprus

The real estate investment opportunities are huge for both foreigners and islanders. Cyprus property investment options and expected returns, as well as the types of properties and areas offered for investment, will be discussed in detail during a presentation by Giorgos Chrysochou, Director of the Cyfield Group, who will speak on stage at the 2nd Cyprus Investor Show.

Who is who

Giorgos Chrysochos, director of the Cyfield Group, has been involved in the family business since a young age, working across all departments. In the past, he has worked in the US and Greece as a consultant for Navigant and Mckinsey & Company. As a consultant, he was involved on a day-to-day basis in strategic decisions concerning the Group. He returned to Cyprus with the intention of expanding the family business and entering the energy market. Today he is one of the leaders of Cyfield Group companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Building Engineering from Stanford University. He is also a member of several professional organizations in the US and Cyprus, including ASCE and ETEK.

Great event

Join the conference on June 22, 2022 and learn about investment options and expected returns, asset allocation strategies and how to balance capital preservation, risk and return. An important parameter is the choice of strategy and the right asset classes, a topic that will also touch the big event. As for external factors, experts in this field will share their forecasts for the future with the audience.

The conference is of interest to small and large non-institutional investors. The main audience is wealthy and wealthy people, Cypriots or foreigners living in Cyprus. The purpose of the conference is to analyze the dilemmas of investors and find a balance between the need to preserve capital, the risk they are willing to take, and the return they want to receive from their investments.

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