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Cyprus Real Estate Investments

Cyprus Real Estate Investments

The Cyprus property market is a huge number of offers for every taste: from budget objects to expensive elite ones. And their value on the island is constantly growing, so they are very profitable for investment. Overseas property is a justifiable purchase and a safe investment. The tourism business of Cyprus is developing at a high speed due to the great popularity of the island among travelers, so experienced European investors are actively investing in newly constructed, finished primary and secondary objects and get good benefits from their rental.

Features of the acquisition of foreign real estate

Today, construction projects abroad have become more affordable than ten years ago: the purchase procedure is simpler and more convenient, and sellers’ offers are more profitable.

In Cyprus, an active purchase of housing is facilitated by the Investment Policy, according to which future owners of construction projects can easily obtain a residence permit and then permanent residence. Also, investments in foreign real estate on the island are popular due to loyal banks offering foreign investors favorable credit conditions. In addition, Cyprus has fairly low taxes, and there are all conditions for business development.

The most profitable foreign real estate for investment is everything related to tourism: hotels, shops, entertainment centers, spas, cafes and restaurants, as well as apartments and houses for rent. Due to the fact that the beach season in Cyprus lasts several months, the profit from these facilities will be very good.

How to invest in foreign real estate?

Mostly, investors in Cyprus invest in residential or commercial real estate for subsequent leasing. It may require expenses for redecorating and increasing the level of comfort of the facility, which will subsequently be covered by rental payments.

The second way to invest in overseas property is to invest in a trust company that is looking for profitable properties or tenants. Such firms, accumulating the funds of their investors, buy profitable buildings or structures, and you, as an investor, will be able to receive a percentage of the contribution. All operations are transparent, you can monitor the status of invested funds and the process of acquiring objects.

Stable and profitable overseas property

Due to the trend of rising prices for residential and commercial properties in Cyprus, many businessmen invest in them for subsequent resale. It is advantageous to make investments in foreign real estate as follows: to purchase a secondary construction object, possibly very old and in need of reconstruction, at a small price, invest in redecorating it, and then resell more or rent it out.

The tourism industry of Cyprus is a seasonal but stable business that brings good income. Buying a cafe, restaurant, hotel or apartment for rental you will provide yourself with a solid passive income, because everything related to the field of entertainment and recreation is very much in demand in Cyprus. We recommend investing in objects located either near the sea or in the city center – these locations are in the highest demand.

In the catalog on our website you will find a large number of offers of residential and commercial real estate. We will tell you in which objects it is worth investing, and in which – not so that you can get the maximum profit from your investments.


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