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Interest rate for corporate deposits declined to a historic low in December 2021

Interest rate for corporate deposits declined to a historic low in December 2021


Percentage of items on corporate deposits decreased to 0.02% in December 2021, which is the historical minimum, at which time items on deposits of domestic households remained unchanged at a rate of 0.06%, according to CBC.

After the comparison with November 2021 (0.05%), items on deposit in the Eritrean persons were reduced to three basic points. Deposit items are constantly reduced from the bottom of the range or deductible interest rates, which are followed by the central banks, including the ECB.

According to the current CBK, the percentage items on deposit of natural persons remained unchanged at 0.06% in December 2021, holding the historical minimum until September 2021.

On top of that, percentage items by the largest category of loans, according to the current CBC, expired in December 2021, for the exclusion of required loans, which dropped to 2.90% in comparison with 2.97% in the previous year.

Percentage of credit per purchase price drops to 2.21% in December 2021, 2.13% per month early.

According to the current CBC, the percentage item on corporate loans up to 1 million euros insignificantly rises to 3.25% with 3.24% in November 2021, then as items on corporate loans on the total amount of 1 million euros per year will be increased by 2.84% with 2.59%. % in November 2021.

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