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Inspection of the kitchen and bath before buying a property in Cyprus

Inspection of the kitchen and bath before buying a property in Cyprus


In this article, you will find specific tips for inspecting kitchens and bathrooms before buying.

The two main areas to scrutinize in the kitchen are plumbing and appliances, and in bathrooms plumbing and communications.

Kitchen inspection

When inspecting the kitchen, pay special attention to fittings and appliances, the quality of the kitchen set, countertops and the amount of storage space. Also, watch for signs of water leakage. The easiest way to inspect plumbing is by visiting the smallest room in the house, but the kitchen is also worth checking out.

Check the condition of the floor. Are there signs of water leakage? It can be indicated by faded grout or weathered paint.

Are the edges of the kitchen sink sealed? Make sure the sink is properly installed and doesn’t wobble (try rocking it) and that the faucets don’t wobble and work properly.

Check the sink for dents, chips, tarnish, and lime deposits. Do you recognize the brand name or is it one of the cheaper options from an unknown manufacturer?

Does the sink drain quickly? If slow, the pipes may be partially clogged or too narrow.
Make sure the stopcocks (usually under the sink) are working.

Look at the appliances. Fit, work? Are there any issues such as an oven door that is hard to open? Do you recognize the brand names?

Is there enough work surface and space for eating?

Is the washing machine and dishwasher properly connected? Are they connected to drain holes?
Check the quality and condition of kitchen cabinets.Make sure you have enough storage space for your needs.

Inspection of bathrooms

Check the condition of the floor. Are there any signs of water leakage (look for faded grout or paintwork)?
Is the plumbing installed correctly? Is she weakened (try to swing)?

Faucets don’t wobble? Are they working correctly?

Make sure that the water shut-off valves are in good condition.

When checking water taps, you should be able to check the type of plumbing. The condition and material of the pipes is very important, as a rule, it is copper or gray plastic.

Manufacturers of quality sanitary ware and faucets usually label their equipment with a brand name and some other information. If you don’t recognize the brand, write it down and check back later. If the plumbing and faucets are not branded, most likely they are of average or poor quality.

When visiting the smallest room, lift the top of the toilet bowl and look inside. If there is a lot of calcium deposited, just remember that there may be the same amount or more in the water pipes. This contributes to blockages.

Make sure the sink, tub and shower are properly installed and sealed around the edges.
Look under the sink and tub (if possible) to see if there’s been a water leak.
Make sure that water drains quickly from sinks, tubs, showers, etc. If this is slow, the pipes may be partially clogged or too narrow.

Flush the toilet to make sure the cistern is filling properly.

Are there towel warmers or other useful extras?

The above lists are illustrative and not exhaustive.Professional verification of resale property
Before making a decision to buy real estate, use the professional services of a real estate appraiser. He will inspect the property, prepare a report on its condition and give you an independent assessment of its market value.

The report should cover the following areas:

  • Moisture resistant course.
  • Signs of dampness and, if so, severity, cause, and likely cost of required repairs.
  • Underground check.
  • Signs of cracks in walls and columns.
  • Quality and condition of cement in concrete buildings.
  • The quality and condition of wooden products, including checking for dry and wet rot, insect damage.
  • Gutters and hatches.
  • Septic.
  • Wiring including leakage test.
  • Equipment for heating and air conditioning.
  • Swimming pool and related equipment.
  • Type and quality of roof insulation.
  • Roof tiles.
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