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Increasing the chances of selling an older house

Increasing the chances of selling an older house


Homes that are 30-40 years old probably need improvement to match today’s living standards, especially buildings that were built to the specifications of the owner at the time. This is especially important if you are thinking about selling at any moment.

Unfortunately, these days, houses are like cars: every year a new model comes on the market with all sorts of extras.

In the past, most homes had the flat concrete roof that is now considered attractive, but back then, flat roofs were left with sticking bars and exposed ever-unwanted solar heaters and water tanks.

At that time, the family home was built with the intention of building children’s houses upstairs in the future. However, the idea was often not well received by children, and the result was an unfinished look.

If you want to fix this, you can cover the roof with a wooden frame covered with tiles, leaving a void in the center, inside which you can place solar panels, tanks, air conditioner hoods, etc., hidden from view.

Other changes you can make to improve your home include:

Replacing single glazed windows with double glazing and installing mosquito nets on them.

It is worth checking the electrical and plumbing systems to see if they have been damaged by time and if any parts need to be replaced.

Install illuminated ceiling fans in bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas.

If any tiles are not attractive, they can be replaced, and if the bedrooms have carpets, they can be replaced too.

From a security point of view, place light sensors at certain points, which are very affordable, and install a remote security system. It is recommended to put a ready-made security door at the main entrance, and modern double locks can be put on the others.

An intercom with a camera can be installed on the gate.

Electric garage doors can be a major attraction.

You can replace the kitchen with a new one made in Italy.

If your garden needs improvement, aim for trees that require little water, such as pines, olives, and carobs, and avoid ornamentals .

Replace rotten wood as it can develop into a more serious case of woodworm.

If you have the space, add contemporary bathrooms to the bedrooms with a contemporary shower stall with glass sliding doors and a toilet. This will be expensive, but is considered a major asset and may be worth it for a refund.

With increasing demands for privacy, make sure you have a fence around your property.

We estimate that for a house of 200 square meters it will cost around 50,000 euros depending on the condition of the house. This is a large amount, but the value of the property will be increased much more. When selling a home, the first impression is of the utmost importance.

As real estate prices rise, so does the demand for old apartments, as new properties are much more expensive.

Food for thought for all of us who own old houses.

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Source and photo:, Editor

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