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Greece: Annual inflation shot up to 10.2% in April

Greece: Annual inflation shot up to 10.2% in April


Inflation climbed to 10.2% in April, reaching around mid-1990s levels with the drachma as the currency, mainly due to energy prices, which led to a 6.61% increase in the overall rate, as well as food.

According to data published recently by ELSTAT, prices for natural gas rose by 122.6% in April, for electricity – by 88.8%, for fuel oil – by 65.1%, for fuels and lubricants – by 29%.

The prices of staple foods rose 22% for oils and fats, 14.1% for meat, 13.8% for fresh vegetables, 11.7% for dairy products and eggs, and 10% for bread and cereals from -for the ongoing war in Ukraine, which blocked the export of a large amount of grain.

There is a large increase in fresh fruit (8.6%), coffee, cocoa and tea (7.1%) and other food products by 5.6%. Sugar, chocolate and sweets rose by 3.4%, bottled water, soft drinks and fruit juices – by 3.8%.

In addition to rising prices for food and fuel, the statistical office records an excess of monthly price inflation for passenger transportation by sea by 17.7% and air transport by 15.8%, used cars by 11.3% (new cars record an increase in prices for them by 8.9%). %), theater and cinema tickets by 13.9% and prices in hotels, motels and inns by 16.1%, and the tourist season has already begun. The travel package offered by travel agencies recorded an increase of 6.7% in April compared to last year.

Growth by 2.1% compared to March

The acceleration of inflation from month to month is large, the consumer price index rose in April compared to March by 2.1%,

The total monthly increase was formed due to individual increases:

1. By 2.5% in the Food and non-alcoholic beverages group, mainly due to price increases for: bread, beef, pork, lamb and goat meat, poultry, fresh whole milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, oils and fats, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, coffee. Part of this growth was offset by lower prices, mainly for pasta and fresh fish.

2. By 14.1% in the “Clothes and Shoes” group due to the return of prices to the pre-winter sale level.

3. By 4.0% in the Housing group, mainly due to rising prices for: electricity, natural gas, fuel oil.

4. By 0.4% in the Durable goods group – household items and services, due to the increase in prices mainly for direct household consumption goods.

5. By 0.3% in the “Transport” group, mainly due to rising prices for: new cars, gasoline. Part of this growth was offset by lower prices mainly for: diesel fuel, air passenger tickets.

6. By 0.6% in the Recreation-Culture group, mainly due to the increase in the cost of the tour.

7. By 0.9% in the Hotels-Cafes-Restaurants group, mainly due to price increases in restaurants-pastry-cafes.

The only decrease was 0.5% and concerns the group Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, due to a decrease in prices mainly for wines.

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