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GoDeals: Discounts on plots of land in Paphos

GoDeals: Discounts on plots of land in Paphos


Gordian is listing a number of new discounted lots for sale as part of its revamped GoDeals portfolio. The plots are located in the countryside of Paphos and are an ideal choice for private use, growing crops or even investment purposes.

These offers are valid for a limited time until August 26, 2022.

Some properties in the Paphos area:

Land plot in Drimu, Paphos

The property is presented as a plot of land in Dreamu, which is located 400 m from the center of the village and 1.5 km from Lhasa. It has a flat surface and an area of 7024 sq.m. Located 114 m from the nearest registered road. The reduced price of the property is 17,100 euros from 19,000 euros.

Plot in Musser, Paphos

The property concerns a plot in Musser. The site is located 3 km from the village of Dora. Musser is located 20 minutes from the famous traditional village of Omodos and 35 minutes from Paphos. The plot has a total area of 3011 sq.m. and is sold at a reduced price of 4050 euros from 4500 euros.

Six plots in Agia Marina in Kelokedar and Suskiou

The property consists of six agricultural plots in Agia Marina Kelokedaro and Suskiou, with a total area of 23,990 m. Three of them are located 600 m from the center of Agia Marina Kelokedaro. Four blocks represent full shares, while the other two represent 6.55% and 27.77%, respectively. The property is being sold at a discounted price of 40,500 euros from 45,000 euros.

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