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Gardens are where the action is

Gardens are where the action is


With more free time and more people turning to outdoor activities, we are discovering many alternative ways to use our garden that make living in our home more enjoyable and an opportunity to bond with family and friends.

The attitude of people and homeowners towards the garden has also changed over the past 15 years, and the following points should be noted:

Houses are no longer built within 10 feet of the border as they used to be. However, today’s architects are making efforts to conserve garden space by using two levels (2 floors) or by adopting an L-shaped layout, saving land and increasing open spaces.

The living quarters and verandas are no longer located along the road boundary, but are now oriented towards the patio, providing increased privacy. Currently, in most homes, the kitchen, garage, and other ancillary spaces are located along the road boundary, while the bedrooms and living spaces are oriented towards the patio.

The garden is of great value to the home. Most gatherings take place in the garden rather than, as before, in the living quarters of the house, dining room, bar and TV lounge. There is a rough formula that I think gives a good idea that the plot of a house should ideally be 2-3 times the size of the house. So, if an ordinary house needs 200 sq.m, the size of the plot should be approximately 400-600 sq.m. The larger the size of the adjacent territory, the larger the plot.

Given the cost of land and the growing importance of having a garden, many homeowners are choosing to move from central areas to the periphery of cities, where land values ​​are lower (look out for houses in agricultural fields).

In addition to acquiring land, the cost of the garden should also be considered, both in terms of initial cost and maintenance.

The garden should be used primarily for planting trees that require little water.

Avoid using grass that requires a lot of water and maintenance.

Instead, depending on the size of the garden, especially if you have 100-150 sq.m. in one compact area, choose good quality plastic grass (with proper soil preparation).

Antonis Loisou Real Estate Appraiser, Project Consultant and Real Estate Agent

Source and photo:, Editor

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