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ETEK: Issue of licensing and control of developments in the Department of the Interior

ETEK: Issue of licensing and control of developments in the Department of the Interior


On May 12, 2022, a meeting was held between the ETEK delegation and the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee. On behalf of ETEK, the event was attended by ETEK President Konstantinos Konstantis, First Vice President Andreas Theodotou, Steering Committee member Thomas Mita and ETEK Director Christodoulos Hatziodisseos.

The meeting was held at the request of ETEK, which asked to discuss a number of issues within the competence of the parliamentary committee, with a focus on the chapter on licensing and development control.

In particular, the President of ETEK made a brief presentation in which he noted:

(a) About unified development control principles – Next steps (planning and change management)

(b) In the modernization of licensing and development control procedures and in the relevant subsections:

· New Licensing Policy, Institutional Expansion and Next Steps

Registry of scientists in the context of granting additional powers to private scientists

Simplification of the methodology for calculating the fee for building permits

Mandatory supervision of electromechanical installations and cancellation of the exemption from granting a study of the central heating / air conditioning system for residential premises

Organization of regular building inspections

(c) Commonly owned buildings / management committees

d) Empty abandoned buildings and properties of Turkish Cypriots (a very recent and interesting Greek legislative initiative)

(e) Proposed law to require the presentation of an energy efficiency certificate to complete the transfer

f) affordable housing, diagnosis of the situation and preliminary conclusions regarding any measures and policies.

Aristos Damianou, Chairman of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee, thanked ETEK for its thorough presentation and noted that ETEK is a valuable state adviser with expertise and independent opinion on technical issues and should be used.

In statements to the media, Mr. Damianu also said that the possibility of establishing a subcommittee that would have the authority to consider bills and proposals relating to issues related to ETEK’s responsibilities is being explored.

The common theme of all positions of the deputies after the presentation and discussion was the need to deepen cooperation between ETEK and KVD. In this context, attempts will be made to find a structured way of more regular contacts with the aim of selecting and prioritizing issues, scientific analysis, processing and finding solutions to issues that fall within the purview of the ETEK Interior Committee and the Ministry of Interior of Competencies for the common good.

At the end of the meeting, the ETEK President warmly thanked the President and members of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee and noted that ETEK is willing and ready to work more closely with the committee to find solutions, agreements and solutions. to a number of issues related to creating a fair and friendly professional environment in which engineers work, facilitating business, as well as the daily life of ordinary citizens.

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