For Sale: Detached house, Kakopetria, Nicosia, Cyprus FC-18334

The villa has a multipurpose basement that includes a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a changing room and a gym; luxurious

essentials for the wellbeing of its residents. A large family room and a cellar are also in place to serve any social gathering of a family.

The ground floor has an enormous living room with an  exuberant fire place for the cold winter nights and a kitchen

with a comfortable dining room. Residents are able to watch a movie in their featured Home Cinema that can be easily

transformed into a Games Room for memorable family gettogethers.

On the first floor, 2 en-suite bedrooms and 1 master bedroom facilitate the residents’ accommodation whereas the attic can

serve as a functional space for guests with 2 small bedrooms and a bathroom. The car parking provides a covered area for

2 cars.

There are 7 more 5-berooms villa available Prices up to 2467615 euro

Plus V.A.T

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  • Plus VAT

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