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Danger of electrocution in older homes

Danger of electrocution in older homes


Residents in 60 to 70 percent of older homes can be electrocuted due to the age of a power switch that does not work, as well as the lack of a neutral ground.

This was reported by experts to the Home Refugee Committee, adding that the problem is more in old electrical installations.

The recent selective inspection by the electromechanical service of the state settlement of refugees Makarios III in Kamares, Larnaca is indicative.

It turned out that three of the 18 objects inspected had to be urgently replaced because of this danger.

Based on this conclusion, and considering that 305 apartments in the village were built during the same period, the number of hazardous facilities is about 55.

Thomas Mita, an electrical engineer at the Cyprus Chamber of Science and Technology, said that the percentage of houses with old facilities and therefore similar problems is between 60-70%.

And that if you set a time limit on what “old facilities” means, then you could say that premises built before 2004 should be checked for the serviceability of the power switch and the presence of a neutral ground.

The process of connecting the neutral point of a three-phase system to earth (i.e. soil) either directly or through some element of the circuit is called neutral earthing. Neutral grounding provides protection for people and equipment.

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