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Chr. Christou: Buyers have become more reserved and selective

Chr. Christou: Buyers have become more reserved and selective


Christos Christou, general manager of Photos Photiades Homes, notes the change in the Cypriot approach to their property investments, explaining that the Cypriot buyer has become more careful and selective, putting the safety of their investments and quality at the forefront. market of your new residence or apartment.

Mr. Christou also notes that buyers are increasingly looking for reliable developers where they can make a safer investment.

The managing director of Photos Photiades Homes, which was nominated in the Land Management/Building category at the 14th IN Business Awards, sees a slight slowdown in sales over the next one to two years as a result of severe external challenges facing his sector earth. development.

However, as he points out, land management and the construction sector remain an important part of our society as they provide housing for the benefit of people.

How is the land management/construction sector in which you work?

The land management sector is an integral part of our society. With our economy recovering from the 2013 crisis, the sector is seeing an upward trend. In recent years, this path has faced significant challenges due to various external factors, such as the effects of the pandemic, recent events in Ukraine, and rising prices for various materials, which has led to an increase in construction costs.

Despite the challenges we are seeing with rising construction costs for our future projects and a slight slowdown in sales over the next year or two, the land management and construction sector remains an important part of our society as it provides housing for people. We see that buyers are increasingly looking for reliable developers where they can make a safer investment.

How much did the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine affect your plans?

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have pushed up construction costs, while buyers have become more reticent due to the prevailing uncertainty. However, at the same time, we also see a positive side.

The Cypriot buyer has become more careful and selective, placing the safety of his investment and quality at the forefront when buying his new house or apartment. This is a great advantage for us, as our residential complexes are based on the high quality and security offered by the Fotos Fotiadis Group.

What is your competitive advantage and where is today’s competition taking you?

Our compass has never been competition, but focus on the customer and his needs. Our goal is to respond and develop projects that give our customers a lifetime value.

The privileged locations that we choose for all our projects, the design by experienced architectural offices, the choice of partners who excel in their field, the choice of materials that stand out for their quality and the systems chosen with the comfort of our customers in mind, but also the minimum energy consumption, make us the perfect choice.

What are your immediate goals?

We are in the process of completing the construction of three residential projects in the center of Nicosia, Alasias Mansions, Zinas Mansions and Agios Demetrios Mansions, and our main goal is to bring them up to the high standards that distinguish us as Fotos Fotiadis.

At the same time, we are planning three new projects in the capital and our goal, as in every new project, is to use all the know-how we have acquired in our previous projects in order to once again exceed not only the expectations of our future buyers, but also ours.

Tell us a few words about your company… Who  are Photos Photiades Homes?

Photos Photiades Homes is member groups Photos Photiades , founded in 1942 _ the late Photos Photiades. Today, the group employs more than 1,100 specialists in the production and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, land management and financial services.

The Photos Photiades Homes team, in particular, consists of experienced architecture, sales, marketing, finance professionals working with a variety of trusted partners who ensure the high quality of their projects.

We serve the needs of Cypriots as well as foreign buyers for quality residential houses and apartments in Nicosia in central and enviable locations such as in the center of Nicosia, in the area of Agios Dimitrios on the Acropolis and in the Lycabettus Hills overlooking Nicosia.

As part of the services we offer to our existing clients who have invested in a home/apartment with us, we also offer property and rental management services.

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