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Checking resale property in Cyprus. Interior

Checking resale property in Cyprus. Interior

Earlier we wrote about useful points that should be taken into account when visually inspecting resale property in Cyprus. In this article you will find tips for inspecting the interior.

Looking around the interior of the old foundation, look at every room in the room. Ignore the renovations and furniture, focus on the walls and general condition of the house.

Here are some aspects to pay attention to:

  • Does the property look clean, tidy and well maintained?
  • The inner walls must be even, smooth and without cracks.
  • Check that the floor and ceiling are level.
  • Look at the joints of the wall and ceiling, they should be straight.
  • Make sure the paint in the corners of the room isn’t discolored or peeling (a sure sign of dampness).
  • Look at the joints between windows and walls, are they properly sealed? Are there cracks in the corners? Are there signs of dampness or water intrusion?
  • Are windows and doors correctly installed and opened? Are door hinges and handles installed correctly? Jamming doors can be a sign of a cracked or deformed slab.
  • Double glazed windows? Do they have mosquito nets? Do they have adjustable blinds?
    Is there enough storage space in cabinets, etc.?
  • Make sure the wall and floor tiles are level and properly grouted. See how the plumbing wall tiles were drilled; Are the holes clean and tidy?
  • Make sure the tiles on the wall and floor are not cracked. Cracks can be caused by simply dropping something heavy on the tile, or by the symptoms of a cracked or warped floor slab.Are taps leaking from central heating radiators?
  • Is there a smell of dampness and mustiness?

Inspection of plumbing and plumbing when buying property in Cyprus

You can check the elements of water supply and plumbing. Some of the most important aspects of verification are listed below:

  • Is copper, gray plastic, or pipe-in-pipe plumbing being used?
  • Check water tanks (on the roof or in the attic) and associated plumbing.
  • Are tanks, solar panels, etc. securely installed?
  • Are the solar panels facing south?
  • Are there signs of corrosion, limescale deposits or leakage?
  • Is the hot water tank and pipes insulated?
  • Is there an immersion heater? Does it have a thermostat and/or timer?
  • Is there any protection in case of a serious leak in the space under the roof. For example, a large waterproof pan under the storage tank and water drains?
  • Is there a counter? (required by law)
  • Is a water softener installed (recommended to prevent scale build-up and eventually blockage of pipes, extend the life of appliances and reduce heating costs)?

If no water softener is available, is a magnetic scale remover installed? While this will reduce the amount of calcium deposited in the plumbing system, it is not as effective or as durable as a good quality water softener.

Checking the condition of electricians when buying property in Cyprus

Spend a few minutes inspecting the electrical system and fittings. Identifying defective or low-quality work is quite easy. But don’t be tempted to stick your fingers in the socket.

  • Does the house have a single-phase or three-phase power supply? Single-phase is ideal for apartments and small houses. But if there are three or four air conditioners in the house, single-phase power may not be enough. To find out what type of power supply is used in the house, count the number of power cables that go to the building. If there are two, the property is on the same phase. If there are four of them, then this is a three-phase power supply.
  • Look inside junction boxes and circuit breakers for damage and defects. Are the electrical cables clean and tidy?
  • Are there enough switches and sockets? They work? Do they spark when used?
  • Switches and sockets right on the wall? Do you recognize the brand or is it something from the economy segment without a brand?
  • Are the fixtures clean and tidy?
  • Are all lights working?
  • Are there lights in hard-to-reach places?
  • Is there a TV antenna and TV point?
  • Is there air conditioning, does it work?
  • Is there satellite TV/Internet TV?
  • Are there other items such as: security system, electric gates, electric garage doors, etc.? If so, do they all work correctly?

The above points are indicative, but not exhaustive.

Potential buyers are advised to have a professional property inspection carried out if the resale is being carried out by a qualified independent inspector.

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