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Buying property in Cyprus: reviews of buyers

Buying property in Cyprus: reviews of buyers

Cyprus is one of the most hospitable, open and colorful countries in the world. The country attracts foreign citizens not only with its lifestyle, climate and landscapes, but also with its developed infrastructure and quality medical care. Cyprus is chosen not only for recreation, but also as an investment site. Many tourists decide to buy property in Cyprus in order to use it for personal residence in another country, as well as to rent it out and earn income.

Many people dream of buying an apartment in Cyprus and are not disappointed. All around it is warm and the sun, the sea and smiling carefree people. Other reasons to buy a home in Cyprus and reviews of real buyers, read further in the article.

Club residential complexes, private real estate in Cyprus

Those who bought real estate on the island are advised to take a closer look at club residential complexes and private houses.

Buyers consider an apartment in a club house one of the most convenient living formats. A club house is a building with a closed territory, most often with a communal pool. This is an ideal option for couples with children who appreciate not only comfort, but also safety. Buyers separately note the full maintenance of real estate from a management company or developer and the benefits of privacy in a closed area. Each owner of square meters has its own parking space. Buyers are pleased with the developed infrastructure: cafes, small shops, gyms.

The house is no less comfortable than an apartment in a club house. Studying the reviews of people who choose this property, it can be noted that these are mostly couples with children. They choose housing, paying attention to the developed infrastructure, where the necessary shops, medical facilities, kindergartens and schools, as well as high-quality roads are located. All these advantages are combined with a quiet life and picturesque views. Real estate in Cyprus is of great interest among guests of the island from Russia, Northern Europe and the UK. It is worth noting that every fourth private house on the island is bought by a citizen of another country.

Reviews of real estate in Cyprus: a choice

When choosing a property in Cyprus, buyers often pay attention to the location. Someone dreams of buying a house in Cyprus near the sea, others are attracted by the bustle of the city and life among skyscrapers. In any case, buyers have never faced limited choice when considering both types of housing.
Many are also attracted by the opportunity to save money when buying a home in an old fund. According to them, a little renovation is needed, somewhere, perhaps, window insulation for the winter period, and an apartment in Cyprus becomes an amazing investment! In any case, home seekers are always faced with a variety of choices and all sorts of options to suit their budget.

Quality of housing in Cyprus

We often see the surprise of our clients while viewing objects. They are pleased with how well even the most inexpensive housing in Cyprus is equipped. The advantages of buying a property in Cyprus for many are the high quality of the properties and the opportunity to move into a property immediately after purchase due to the complete arrangement. Customers are satisfied with their new cozy purchase in a warm country.

Preferential conditions when buying property in Cyprus

Those who have bought property in Cyprus say that the island has a large selection of types of housing. Among this variety are budget and elite options. They note that when buying property in Cyprus, local banks provide a loan on favorable terms (rate of 4% per annum) to make a purchase. Many are also pleased with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for investment in real estate (when buying from 300,000 euros and more).

The process of buying a home in Cyprus

We asked our clients about what features of buying property in Cyprus they would like to highlight. Some were struck by the lack of electronic document management, others said that the process is slightly different from how it happens in their country. But for none of them, the procedure for buying property in Cyprus has become difficult or frightening, especially since our real estate agency accompanies buyers at all stages of buying a home. We also help clients fulfill all the conditions in order to, if desired, obtain a residence permit in Cyprus when buying a property.

These are the main points that our buyers note when buying a home in Cyprus. If you are interested in learning more about what buying property in Cyprus gives or you want to become one of those lucky ones who leave only positive feedback about buying property in Cyprus, write to us! Our agency will advise you and help you in buying and renting a property in Cyprus!


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