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Buying property in Cyprus for living with children

Buying property in Cyprus for living with children

The Republic of Cyprus is not only one of the safest and most favorable countries in Europe, but a place where about 90% of local residents speak English, kindergartens, schools and universities with the best educational program, developed infrastructure are concentrated. This country is an ideal place for those who decide to move with their children to the sea. From the article you will learn what points you need to pay attention to when buying property in Cyprus for a family with children.

Buying property in Cyprus for living with children: an apartment or a house

If you are planning your life with your family in Cyprus, we recommend that you approach the choice of future apartments or villas very carefully. Decide in advance on the choice of housing in Cyprus for a family with children. It can be either a spacious apartment or a cozy house. If you prefer an apartment, then it is better to stay in a double or three-bedroom apartment. Choose options in good condition, refuse apartments that are located in the old housing stock. When choosing an apartment, pay attention to the quality of the wiring, how long ago the repairs were made. The apartment should be located in an area that is reasonably lively. If you have small children, then give preference to real estate in Cyprus next to a kindergarten. It is desirable that children’s playgrounds, public transport stops, places for entertainment, and medical institutions are not too far away.

Housing in Cyprus has a spacious area and is suitable for a large family. Each family member will have their own space.When choosing a house, you need to pay attention to the absence of dampness and mold, the heating system (water-heated floors or electric radiators), how it performs its function (this is especially important in winter), communications, and the adjacent area. If the children are of school age, then choose a property in Cyprus near the school. The amount of utility bills also depends on the size of the house. The larger the house, the higher the cost of maintaining it.

5 reasons to buy property in Cyprus for living with children

Climate. The typical climate in Cyprus is the Mediterranean climate. It is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. In summer, the temperature in coastal areas is + 31 ° С … + 36 ° С. In winter +6°С…+8°С prevails. There are no harmful industries in Cyprus. As a result, Cypriots enjoy clean air filled with plenty of iodine. Moreover, who doesn’t want to live near the sea?

Kindergartens. Parents can choose the institution for their child that meets their needs. In Cyprus, kindergartens are divided into private and public, English, Russian and Greek. So the kids will not experience discomfort due to the language barrier. Parents need to decide in advance which school their child will go to. This moment will be decisive when choosing a kindergarten. For example, if parents plan that their child will study in an English-speaking institution, then it is better to choose the appropriate kindergarten. In Cyprus, there are also kindergartens that operate at schools.

Education. Cyprus has its own peculiarities of studying at universities.The training program is equivalent to the European level. Graduates are awarded diplomas of international level. As a result, they can get a job in any country in the world. Here your child can get a prestigious higher education.

Medical services. Medicine in Cyprus is at a fairly high level. Most specialists receive their medical education at some of the best medical universities. By the way, in the major cities of Cyprus you can find doctors who speak Russian. Patients can be treated in both public and private clinics. But it is worth considering that medical care in Cyprus is quite expensive.

Leisure. Cyprus boasts the longest holiday season. In the cities there are many recreation areas, cafes, children’s playgrounds. You just have to choose where you want to live: in a busy tourist area or outside the bustling city.

Real estate in Cyprus for living with children: the cost of objects

The Cyprus property market is growing and developing at a rapid pace. It is replete with a variety of offers both in terms of types of residential real estate and in the price segment. The most favorable cities for families with children are Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos and Larnaca. It is also worth paying attention to the cost of housing in these areas:

Limassol is a lively city, the historical center of the republic. Here you can choose a kindergarten and a school for your child. The city presents a variety of real estate in Cyprus for the whole family. 2- and 3-bedroom apartments from €260-400,000, spacious villas with a large area from €400,000 and other housing options.

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. This location has many kindergartens and schools, parks, sections and leisure facilities. This is a city for those who plan to run their own business and give their children a solid start in life in the form of a quality education. Here, the cost of real estate in Cyprus for the whole family starts from €300,000.

In Paphos and Larnaca, parents choose a location directly in the city or the nearest suburb. These cities are not large in size, but at the same time they are comfortable for living with a child. They are dominated by a measured lifestyle. Here, the cost of real estate is 20-30% cheaper than in Limassol and Nicosia.


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