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Collaboration with a real estate broker is the key to success

Collaboration with a real estate broker is the key to success

As a financial consultant professionally recommends to a client where and how much it is now profitable to invest money (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.), so a broker helps a client find a worthy version of a real estate object for investment or residence.

If our client is looking for an object for investment, we will show trends and forecasts for each object. For example, if a client wants to earn money by renting out an object, we will select a suitable property located near the sea and infrastructure, closer to noisy tourist centers, etc.

If the client is looking for a place to stay, then we will choose a house, taking into account the distance from noisy roads and convenient transportation, next to the school where the clients plan to educate their children.

If the client wants to invest in a business class real estate object at the planning stage, with the desire to sell with a profit of plus 20-40% two years later (after completion of construction), we will select a reliable developer who builds houses only on comfortable plots, away from noisy roads, electrical substations and cemeteries, taking into account the beautiful view around the house, convenient infrastructure, quality materials and modern design; at the completion stage, such an object will be happy to be acquired by a wealthy client who is used to living in very comfortable conditions.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

Time saving

In Cyprus, a huge number of various real estate objects are currently under construction and planning, not to mention the large selection of commissioned real estate. Why should a client spend so much time and effort studying a huge amount of information if the employees and partners of our company have already studied everything and know which project will most accurately satisfy the client’s needs ?!

Availability of objective information

If a client chooses real estate for himself or turns to the same developer, he may experience great stress because he misses the chance to find more objective information, because somewhere there is a more suitable object or because the information provided is not reliable.

Getting great deals

We, as brokers, work with all the large and reliable developers of Cyprus. We have full information from developers about discounts and interesting offers. Often developers with new customers do not share such information. You can purchase a property from a reliable developer at the planning stage and earn 10% guaranteed annual growth.

No overpayments

Sometimes customers are afraid to contact a broker, because they are afraid to overpay. Turning to us, you will not overpay, but rather pay less than with a direct contract with the developer. When selling an object, the developer already pays considerable expenses on advertising, a sales department, and a marketing company. We free the developer from these costs. Our prices are equal to the prices of the developer, and sometimes lower. The broker knows for which objects you can ask for a good discount, and for which, so, the builder is in high demand.


As a result of the transaction, all three parties are satisfied. Clients receive reliable, accurate information and a suitable property with maximum discount. The developer is glad that having avoided large marketing expenses, he received the client by paying a small percentage (which was mortgaged at the planning stage of building the house) to a brokerage firm. The brokerage firm receives a loyal satisfied client, good feedback and a small remuneration from the developer.

We are an assistant to our client

If a client decides to negotiate with developers himself, then he spends a huge amount of time communicating, processing all offers.
When working without a broker, the client, as a rule, considers options that are not so much suitable for him as profitable for sale to the developer.

A successful modern man saves his time. And it is hardly possible without a chief accountant or assistant and other employees, experts in their affairs.

People who value their time and comfort in life prefer to contact a broker to resolve issues related to real estate.


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