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bbf: The new brand will lead Prime Property’s development projects

bbf: The new brand will lead Prime Property’s development projects


Prime Property Group announces the launch of a new international brand bbf: build better future, dedicated to the design and development of sustainable living spaces of the future on an international scale. The new brand will manage the company’s development projects, while Prime Property Group will continue to operate as an international real estate agency.

“The founding of bbf marks an important milestone in our 13 year journey as a company as we move towards an exciting and better future where holistic living is our top priority,” states bbf CEO: Mr. Vadim Romanov. The recently completed Sky Tower and Eden Rock skyscrapers in Limassol reflect the company’s commitment to creating first-class yet sustainable living spaces, while plans are underway to completely renovate the historic Berengaria Hotel in Prodromos, surrounded by lush Troodos pine forests.

The creation of bbf was primarily driven by a desire to improve the quality of life of property buyers by creating healthy, stylish and beautiful living spaces that are easy to use and maintain. As an ever-growing urban population creates unexpected pressures on the urban environment, bbf is actively supporting the Future Urban Living movement with a strong focus on sustainable urbanism and emphasizing green open spaces, indoor plants, low pollution, green technologies, natural lighting and active lifestyles.

“Our mission is to create the future we want our customers to live in. We continually rely on our understanding of life, form and overall urban ecosystems to deliver positive impact and create the healthy and sustainable habitats of the future,” emphasizes Romanov.

In addition to developing comfortable and environmentally friendly facilities, bbf is also committed to creating a holistic quality ecosystem for sports, recreation, parenting and a perfect work-life balance. Consequently, bbf real estate includes leisure and sports facilities, spas, playgrounds and more.

Based on the extensive knowledge gained in the Cyprus market, the company also intends to start operations in six new countries, currently developing residential projects in Greece, Canada and Portugal. These new goals require an inspiring global brand capable of meeting the highest international standards and concisely conveying the company’s core values. In this light, the newly created bbf brand will help the company communicate its inspiring message to the world: “We grow from the ground. We live on earth. We protect the earth.”

“Constant growth in recent years has made it easier to work with new clients, which has led to the creation of amazing new development projects and the addition of new employees to our team,” notes Mr. Romanov. “We are proud that he has also paved the way for ambitious and grandiose projects at the international level. I am grateful for the partnerships, employees and customers that accompany us in our rapid growth. We owe this new brand to all of you.”

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