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Are the inhabitants of Cyprus lucky with the country?

Are the inhabitants of Cyprus lucky with the country?


Residents of Cyprus are often asked if they feel lucky to be born and live in Cyprus. Looking at what is happening around the world, including in many rich Western countries, they should be grateful for this heaven on earth.

In Cyprus, the weather is good, which has a positive effect on the psyche. It has beautiful countryside and clean beaches. Almost anywhere you want to go is within an hour, from the mountains and other cities to golf courses and the airport. And while petty theft is on the rise, Cyprus is still a very safe country compared to most.

All kinds of schools are available in different languages ​​and all levels. Childcare is still fairly affordable, health care is up to par.

When we think about the future, there is concern about the impact of climate change on the island and the lack of water. Desalination plants and dams are helping so far, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. Cyprus also has a good firefighting service and more and more money is being invested in it.
Other problems facing the state include a catastrophic amount of bureaucracy. It’s getting a little better, but the process is slow.

Petty politics at their worst is real here and cannot be avoided, we fear and do not expect any improvement in the near future.

Discrimination is also rampant and unfettered, with some authorities heavily discriminating against locals and foreigners.

The Cypriot legal system is in disarray and belated justice is not justice.Efforts to improve the situation have been made over the past three to four years. We hope that now that some EU funds are dependent on improvements in this sector, changes will come. Is it possible that petty politics will soon allow this?
The efficiency of the civil service is acceptable in the top positions, but the prevailing system, coupled with petty politics, makes improvement difficult.

The economy leaves much to be desired, but positive dynamics are also visible here. Cyprus is not expected to reach the economic level of 2000 until 2022.

Nepotism is the norm in all smaller countries, as it is in Cyprus, but it is not uncommon in larger EU countries.

And yet, there are so many problems in all countries, and if we compare the pros and cons of Cyprus, we will still come out on top.

So, do we choose Cyprus in search of a better future? Is Cyprus the preferred country when it comes to attracting foreign residents?

In a recent survey, global immigration experts ranked Cyprus in the top ten in the world for citizenship by investment programs for the wealthy. However, we have yet to see the effects of the recent cancellation of the golden passport scheme.

According to the report, Cyprus is the fifth best resettlement destination in the world, the only other European country to make it into the top five is Switzerland. The report mentions Cyprus’ geography, stable political situation, low crime rate, good weather, favorable tax environment and a highly educated, multilingual workforce.These are just some of the advantages that attract foreign investors to the island both for living and for starting a business here.

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