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Andreas Vyras: Larnaca will no longer be considered a “poor relative” among other cities

Andreas Vyras: Larnaca will no longer be considered a “poor relative” among other cities


Is it possible to say that Larnaca will no longer be considered a “poor relative” among other cities?

I never agreed that Larnaca was a poor relative. I believe that this is a city that had and still has unlimited opportunities, which for various reasons could not be used.

I’m not going to dwell on the past or go into the logic of the accusation. From day one, we have been looking forward and optimistic about building the Larnaca of the future. We are working methodically and collectively with the sole purpose of improving our city and the well-being of our conspirators. I am a firm believer in the possibilities and prospects of Larnaca and will work with all stakeholders to ensure that we achieve our goals.

What is the picture of the investment interest of local residents and foreigners in the city?

Notable is the interest of Cypriots and foreigners in investing in new buildings. It is worth noting that the number of new urban applications has increased significantly over the past two years.

It is obvious, both with the tourist sites that have been completed recently and those that are expected in the coming years, that the tourism product in Larnaca is being updated and enriched, making it quite high in the preferences of local and foreign visitors.

It is also enough to walk around the central shopping district to see not only the large number, but also the variety of new recreational areas that have really changed our city, bringing it to life during the day and at the same time increasing the commercial activity of the city. With the completion of the projects mentioned above, the changes will be even greater.

What have you done and how are you going to act to attract investments?

By improving procedures, better organization, hiring new employees with purchases of services, and prioritizing our work, we have already been able to reduce license development time. We are establishing contacts both in Cyprus and abroad in order to attract other investors.

With all the projects completed or under construction, combined with the huge marina integrated development project, Larnaca will become even more attractive to investors.

Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Viras

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