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Altamira: Week of plots with opportunities in Plati, Strovolos and Agios Athanasios

Altamira: Week of plots with opportunities in Plati, Strovolos and Agios Athanasios


The public is interested in new opportunities that can be found in Altamira Real Estate’s weekly newsletter. In addition to the options for new houses and apartments on the company’s website, the main characters this week are residential plots located in popular areas of the provinces of Nicosia and Limassol, such as Aglantia, Strovolos, Latia, Kolossi and Agios Athanasios.

These are unique properties with very attractive characteristics, located in areas that have always been in high demand and which, combined with their attractive prices, are expected to arouse great interest among potential buyers.

Building plots and fields from €38,000

A wide range of new opportunities for plots and building fields have been identified, which are proposed for building a house. The properties are ideal for individuals as well as entrepreneurs.

In Nicosia and especially in the popular place “Platy” in the municipality of Aglantzia, a residential plot has been found that is available at an estimated price of 360,000 euros.

Property with an area of ​​595 sq.m. located on Filotheis Street, close to Kyrenia Avenue and the facilities of the Cyprus Radio Fund, in an area with high demand due to its attractiveness and affordability. The plot is adjacent to the green zone, which gives it additional value, and has an area of ​​about 20 meters.

At an estimated price of €470,000, a corner residential plot has been allocated in the parish of Chryseleus, in the municipality of Strovolos, which is adjacent to a pedestrian street and a public road, with a total area of ​​about 61 meters. The immediate area in which the property is located has shown an increased demand for property due to its central location.

Residential plot of 537 sq.m., located in the municipality of Latsia, with an estimated price of € 140,000.

It is located close to the facilities of the former sports center “Laiki Sports Club” and about 120 meters west of Dimitris Stavrou Avenue, in an area with developed housing developments and modern houses. The property offers excellent access to the motorway, adjoins a registered road and a pedestrian street and has a facade of about 22 meters. It has a building ratio of 80%, making it ideal for building a two-storey house.

As regards the plots that have been found in the province of Limassol, this week a residential plot stands out in the municipality of Agios Athanasios, close to the Mesa Githonia roundabout and a private school, which is for sale at an estimated price of € 160,000. The property is 540 sq.m. adjoins a green area and a road with a slope of about 28 meters, and the height at which it is located offers an unobstructed view of the wider area.

In addition, a residential plot of 608 sq.m was found in the village of Kolossi, which is offered for sale at an estimated price of €145,000.

The property is located near the highway, adjacent to the pedestrian street and has a facade of about 27 meters. It is an ideal choice for couples building their first home.

Ready-made apartment building and real estate with a sea view

This week, the Altamira Real Estate website also highlights a house by the sea and an apartment building with ready-made apartments. The property is in good condition and is ideal for private use and/or rental, providing a good income to its potential owners.

In particular, in Nicosia and specifically in Agios Dometios, next to the University of Nicosia and the European University, there is a three-storey apartment building with an estimated price of €210,000. This is an area with active residential and commercial development, which offers its residents all the necessary services and amenities. The building consists of three two- and three-bedroom apartments, has outdoor parking and is sold as a whole, which makes it suitable for both private use and for renting out with good returns.

Also of interest is a seaside two-story house in the province of Limassol, specifically in the Akti tou Kivernitis resort area, in Pentakomo. House with an area of ​​105 sq.m. and panoramic sea views, available at an estimated price of € 600,000 and consists of three bedrooms, terraces, open plan living room, dining room and kitchen, bathrooms, basement and attic. Outside there is covered parking and a large garden yard that offers direct access to the beach. It is empty and ideal for private use and/or for short or long term rentals, as the touristic nature of the area makes it suitable for renting out and generating a good income for the potential owner.

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