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Add value to your home by renovating

Add value to your home by renovating


Homes built 30-40 years ago need improvement to match today’s living standards, especially those “designer” homes built to the owner’s specifications.

This is especially important if you want to sell it immediately or soon.

Unfortunately, houses these days are like cars, where every year a new model of the same brand enters the market, but with additional gadgets that often require upgrades and maintenance.

In the past, most houses had a flat concrete roof, which looks attractive these days. However, we had a flat roof with protruding bars and always nasty solar heaters, water tanks and satellite dishes.

The family house was built to house a children’s apartment above it.

At present, this concept of “on top of the orphanage” does not appeal to children, leaving the house with a negative appearance.

If you want to enhance your home and its appearance, install a wood frame or tiled roof to hide solar panels, water tanks and air conditioners so they can be out of sight.

Check the electrical and mechanical installation if they are working and not damaged by time.

If necessary, replace the water and air conditioning pipes from the outside with tracking (not the best solution, but at least it will extend their life).

Try to hide the air conditioner units outside (on the roof or in railings) and place the air conditioner units on the floor or ceiling, preferably behind a false ceiling.

Replace single glazed windows with double glazed windows and install mosquito nets. You’ll be surprised how such a change will save your energy bills in the long run.

Place these cute ceiling fans (with lights) in your bedrooms, kitchen and living room.

If the floor tiles are old and no longer attractive, replace them with a thin plastic covering that won’t add height to the floor, and if you have carpets in your bedrooms, replace them with laminate flooring.

Security systems are also needed.

You can place light sensors (virtually cost nothing) with the latest security system that works remotely, even from your mobile phone.

If you have an entrance to the garage, install electric gates.

This can become a major selling point.

Replace the kitchen fittings with a new stylish Italian design, usually the most eye-catching one, as well as a security door for the front entrance (finished), and install modern double locks on the rest.

If your garden needs improvement, aim for trees that require little water, such as pines, olives, and carobs, and avoid ornamentals .

If it’s a two-story home, do a survey to see if you can install an indoor elevator (or even a chair on the stairs) – a major concern for people over 60 and older people whose kids have left home and are no longer interested . living together with parents .

Replace rotten wood as it can harbor more serious woodworms or other insects.

Make sure the bedrooms have a modern walk-in shower with glass sliding doors.

The latter will save space, and a shower can replace a bath.

Regarding the security issue mentioned earlier, consider the intercom associated with the gate and the camera when installing.

With increasing demands for privacy, make sure you have a fence all around, or at least as high as possible.

Then either build an easy-to-care hedge.


Try not to place stone cladding on the walls (it’s very kitsch) unless it’s in a village with traditional houses. However, this is sometimes done to prevent dampness, so try to make it as tasty as possible rather than making your house an eyesore.

If you have space, try turning your bedroom into a separate shower and toilet. This is an important and costly asset, but it can pay off in the long run. The cost that I estimate, say, for 200 sq.m. the house costs no more than €50,000, depending on the condition of the house. This may be a large amount, but then it is necessary to compare the increased value of the property, which will be several times greater.

First impression and image are important if you decide to sell your property. If your average house is 200 sq. m is worth about 350,000 euros, I believe that this amount will be much higher with the improvements you have made, which can increase the price to 450,000 euros or more for ease of sale.

As real estate prices rise, so do old houses, which are now in high demand.

The difference between new and old but improved home is significant in favor of refurbished housing.

Food for thought for all of us who own old houses.

Antonis Luazou – real estate appraiser, real estate agent and real estate consultant

Source and photo:, Editor

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