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How to rent property in Cyprus

How to rent property in Cyprus

Have you decided to move to Cyprus? Fine! In this article we will try to make out the issue that worries most of our compatriots.

How to rent a house without intermediaries?

In fact, the housing rental system is much different from the Russian one and in practice it is quite difficult to find housing directly from the owners. But in order to immediately debunk the myth of a possible overpayment, we will reveal all the cards at the very beginning of this article. Most Cypriots prefer to work with real estate agencies to rent housing and pay a commission to the agency on their own. Real estate agency does not take commissions from tenants.

Housing Search Stages

Firstly, future tenants are divided into two conditional groups: those who came to Cyprus on vacation and those who plan permanent residence. For the first, in terms of each day, rental housing will cost about 1.5 times more. Tourists should pay attention to the location of the property (proximity to the sea, cafes, bars, restaurants), plan ahead whether you will rent a car and naturally make sure that the internal condition of the housing meets your own needs.

The procedure for finding and choosing housing

Newly made immigrants at first “scout” the situation. They come on average for one month, and stay in hotels or rent accommodation on services such as airbnb. A month is enough to precisely determine the main parameters for a future place of residence:

Type of housing

Apartments- the most common and affordable. If you are used to living in an apartment, you will experience less stress when you end up in similar housing in Cyprus.

Town House –duplex apartment. By area, compare the apartments, but sometimes they meet with their local area. More often in one residential building there are several maisonettes.

Bungalow – this type of housing is more common in rural areas or on the outskirts of large cities. Occasionally, it can be found in the central part of the city.

Villa – the most expensive type of housing. The area of the villa is different from apartments and maisonettes. The villas are predominantly two-story. On the territory adjacent to the pool, vegetation and recreation.


In our opinion, this is the most important parameter for choosing future housing. After all, in order to determine the desired location of housing you need to imagine the city, understand the real distances in this city, and this is best done not on maps. Explore the areas, walk on them on foot. Decide on a school, kindergarten, if you are moving with children. Understand how close you want to live from your place of work if you are moving to work for hire. How long do you want to get to places of walks and entertainment. The choice can lie both on a quiet, ecologically located village in a pine forest near a large city, and on the center of the same city.

Number of rooms, availability of parking space

If you are traveling by car, a parking space is simply necessary. After the future housing is filtered by parameters and a clear idea of the apartment appears, you can start searching. Of course, the best resource for searching is the Internet, but not so long ago it was practice just to go around the area and watch signs with the inscription RENT.

You can use the service This is a bulletin board, on it you can select the desired search options, see the location of objects on the map, photos, description and prices. Authors of ads can be owners, real estate agents who work for themselves and have for renting several apartments received from acquaintances, as well as staff members of agencies. The second way is to search for a real estate agency with a large database of objects. Cooperating with one agent, you can choose the most suitable accommodation option. Cooperation with a real estate agency does not impose on you any obligation to work only with him. An agency specialist is interested in quickly satisfying your request by arranging trips for pre-selected housing options.

After you have decided on the option of accommodation, you should clarify the financial parameters of the transaction. What is included in the rental price and what is not. Deposit for the preservation of property, whether payment is required for the first and last month of residence, or maybe only the payment of the deposit and the first month will suit the landlord. The lease is concluded for a year. An agreement with such a minimum period is needed for submission to the Aliens and immigration unit to obtain a temporary residence permit. After you make a deposit, a specialist of a real estate agency will prepare a contract, coordinate it with you and invite you to sign it. At the time of signing, you transfer the remaining amount, according to the contract and get the keys to future housing.

Employees Estate of Cyprus They will advise you on the issues of renting or buying a home in Cyprus, and will solve all legal problems associated with renting and buying your future apartment. Write to us and we will contact you.


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