FC-15485: House (Detached) in Katholiki, Limassol for Sale

House for sale in Katholiki area. The distance to the Town center and the Limassol Marina is approximately 15″ minutes walk.
It comprises 2 floors 360 m2 each.
The building is currently usedas a home residence and Beauty Salon (1st floor) and business centre (ground floor) current businesses include a Hairdressing Salon & School.
The ground floor has the potential of being re-transformed to a health spa due to its technical and
functional specifications.
It is also good to mentionthat due to strong foundations one additional floor can be added to the existing building making it a 3 storey high.
The building has 6 available parking spaces and lots of amenities in the radius of 1km. (Supermarkets, bakeries, gyms, tennis club, public schools and kindergartens).
It’s also important to mention that in both floors the materials that have been used in all areas are of (A class) top quality.

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