Villa in Lania, Troodos for sale – PP014303-S

This exclusive Villa with 4 bedrooms located in Asprogia,
Asprogia is a village in the Paphos district situated in the southwest Troodos mountain range offering amazing views to the visitor. It is only 30 km away from the centre of Paphos and 17km away from Kykkos Monastery. Apsrogia is a small village but its approximately 50 residents are friendly and hospitable.
Asprogia manages to retain its traditional character which in combination with its amazing climate – cool in the summer and not very cold in winter – makes it an ideal destination. The village is right next to the forest of Paphos were you can go hiking and cycling. The dam of Asprogia-Kannaviou is maybe the prettiest in Cyprus and looks like a natural lake.
The main church of the village is dedicated to Saint Epiphanius and dates back to the 18th century. In Asprogia you can also find the cave of Saint Agios Sozontos, a local saint, who according to the legend did many miracles and was killed in this cave during the time that Christians were persecuted for their religious beliefs. In the village there is also a mosque which is kept in excellent condition.

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