Villa in Tsada, Paphos for sale – PP012666-S

The resort is placed in a blessed area. Blessed for the healthy climate that gives mild
winters away from the sea winds and above humidity level. In the summer is cool so there is no need for air condition. Locals say that people in that area live longer.The clear atmosphere contributes to the nice panoramic
view of Pafos city.
Due to its climate, the area is considering elegant and
attract the rich society. The houses in that project are designed for comfortable
living, parties around the pool and guest facilities for your friends and family. Clients have the right to choose from the company internal finishes or even upgrade them so as to meet their specific requirements. The house, the view, the climate and the high standards of the project made it unique. Something that you will enjoy and all of your friends will always remember. It is a special project for special people.

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